Build your own Pandora charm bracelet

Pandora was founded in 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark by goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife with their company head quarters still being in Copenhagen today. Pandora is known for their stunning designs, intricate charms and exquisite details. Here at T. H. Baker and The Jewel Hut we stock a vast selection of second hand Pandora, meaning if you missed out on a launch that is no longer stocked you will be able to find it stocked with us.

The main pieces of jewellery that we all know and love Pandora for are their stunning charm bracelets and charms. The first charm bracelet appeared in 2000 on the Danish market and then went onto break the international market in 2003. Pandora today is a globally recognised jewellery brand with products available in more than 100 countries. This piece of jewellery by Pandora is predominantly made from Sterling Silver, a material that is used throughout all of their collections.

To build your perfect Pandora charm bracelet all you need to do is purchase your starter bracelet and very first charm and you’re away. You can start your own Pandora charm bracelet from £99, with a Sterling Silver bracelet and two charms, charm clips or safety chains. However, building your second hand Pandora charm bracelet would significantly reduce the price whilst keeping all the elegance of a brand new Pandora set.

With the inclusion of multiple different Pandora bracelets within our second hand Pandora bracelet collection and a vast selection of second hand Pandora charms, there are more than enough choices to create the perfect Pandora gift for you, your friends and family. For every occasion, whether it’s birthday, Christmas, graduation or just because, there will be the ideal gift with Pandora. If you do want to make the gift fit the occasion then look no further than the collection of charms. With themes relating to all different occasions, places, characters, animals and so much more.

The style options are endless when it comes to Pandora bracelets and charms. There are collections ranging from charms with animals, travel, love, hobbies and occasions, as well as many more. There are also other collections by Pandora that include rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. These can range from simple designs, pieces of jewellery adorned in gems or even pieces that are connected to their collaborations with things like Disney or Harry potter.

As well as their stunning charm carrier bracelets, Pandora has a selection of other bracelets that would also work perfectly to stack and style with other pieces from themselves or other brands. The simple elegance of a Sterling Silver bracelet with Cubic Zirconia that captures the special moment you’ve shared with a loved one can be brought to life with the addition of other bracelets stacked around it to make the gems glisten even more than they normally would.

Spoil yourself and your loved ones by purchasing them a stunning second hand Pandora bracelet and charms, whilst saving yourself a penny or two and contributing to a more sustainable jewellery future. Shop online with T. H. Baker and The Jewel Hut and browse our different pieces of pre owned Pandora.