Possession Of CBD In The UK And Its Legalisation – An Overview

Usage of CBD supplements has become quite common everywhere, including in the medicinal field. Its wonderful benefits to the users have made it the most opted supplement in taking care of many issues. 

Before planning to purchase CBD, it is suggested to find the answer to the question, is CBD oil legal in the UK. Not all countries have legalized the possession of the supplement. Hence, if you are planning to purchase top-quality CBD supplements, then feel free to visit the webpage of Just CBD Store. They can help you with knowing whether the possession of CBD is legal in your place. 


CBD or also known as cannabidiol is one of the many supplements that are extracted from the plant source cannabis sativa. Apart from CBD, the other supplements that are extracted from this plant source are marijuana, THC, hemp, and so on. However, only CBD is the supplement that will not offer any sense of high in the users, apart from the other cannabis extracts. 

CBD and Legality in the UK 

You can own CBD in the UK, as it has been legalized here. However, the product that you own should be screened and certain criteria should be met before it is released for personal usage. Hence, it is suggested to look for only such websites that offer a genuine product for you. 

The CBD supplement that you can own in the UK should not contain more than 0.2% THC. THC is the actual component that offers a sense of high in the users, and hence it is banned in the UK. If you are planning to buy CBD in any form such as capsules, oil, tincture, etc., then the product should pass the THC screening test. 

Usage of CBD 

CBD is used in many fields such as food items, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and so on. The usage of CBD as one of the ingredients has been legalized in the UK, and the only restriction is that CBD should not contain THC for more than 0.2%. 

When was CBD Legalised in the UK 

CBD in medicines is considered the legal supplement that can be used for taking care of many issues. However, every supplement that comes with CBD as its ingredients should also have the certification stating that it is safer to use and has 0 to 0.2% of THC in it. The license should also state that it is quality tested and meets all the required safety measures. 

Lactating mothers, pregnant, and the ones who are under some medications are not suggested to take CBD medications. 

Possession of CBD while Driving or while Travelling 

Domestic flights that fly within the UK will allow the possession of CBD. However, before planning to take CBD with you, it is suggested to check with the flight provider once to see whether it is legal to possess CBD on board or not. If you are planning to fly out of the UK, then make sure that you check the CBD possession protocols of the place where you will be landing. 

To conclude, CBD possession is legal in the UK, only if the component that you own is made of CBD without THC.