How An Elderly Woman Can Find An Ideal Fitting Bra?

More than 75% of women wear the incorrect bra size. Some women never consider the right size even if they grow old. They are stuck with the same size. If you are in your fifties then the chances that you are wearing the wrong bra size is more.

Before you visit Debras to check the Fantasie lingerie collection understand breast shapes and which style is suitable.

Breast shapes and best bra styles

  • Round – Balconette suits the best
  • Slender – Plunging bra design or for more volume choose plunging push-up style
  • East-west – Push-up or smooth T-shirt bra is suitable to lessen space between breasts
  • Bell shape – Full coverage bra takes the weight off the shoulder and back
  • Asymmetric – Choose removable pad bra or use gel-filled insert
  • Teardrop – Plunging bra helps to lift breasts
  • Side set – Balconette bras modified version with little high fabric is ideal

Band size

Use a tape to measure the band but ensure to wear an unpadded bra. If the underbust measurement is 28” -29” then the band size is 32”. With every one-inch increase in bust measurement, the band size will increase by 2 inches.

Cup size

Measure the bust’s fullest portion. If your bust measures 36, while your band size is 32 then there is a difference of four, which means you need a D cup. [Bust size – band size = cup size]

How to find an ideal fitting bra?

Band size

  • The band supports 80% breast weight, so make sure that the band is on the level. If must not ride on your back. In case it does then choose a small band size.
  • The center must lie flat between the breasts. If it tilts then you will need a big cup size.
  • The bra bottom must never hinder your breathing it has to lie below your breasts.
  • The band must not be very tight or it can cause red marks or irritation after wearing the whole day. Therefore take your time to get an ideal fitting.

Cup size

After you identify the correct band size, check the cup size. There are double digits like DD or DDD. There are increasing measurements for women in between sizes.

After you fasten the bra, bend forward and allow breasts to fill the cups. Make sure that the entire breast lies in the cup and is not pinched below the seam. When you see boobs spilling out it means you need a large cup size. If cup fabric is not smooth, but puckers up then you will need a small cup size.

Many women have asymmetrical breasts. If this is the case then consider the breast with large size. You can use gel inserts to balance the difference.


Straps have to be sufficiently wide to prevent indentations on her shoulder. Straps support 20% of her breast weight and two fingers need to pass beneath it to attain a perfect fit. Adjust straps but ensure that the band does not rise on your neck.


Choose the desired bra closure like elderly women with reduced arm or shoulder mobility can opt for front clasps. Elderly women with small chests can choose bras with no closure or pull-over bras. Rear closure with three hooks is better for women with a fuller figure.