Evaporative Coolers: How Does It Work And How To Choose The Right One?

A properly cooled house is a luxury during summer. If you live in a hot climate, it will be essential to allow you to live and work comfortably. Many people, especially those living in hot, dry environments, are now searching for alternative cooling methods to air conditioners. The evaporative cooling system is becoming more popular. Evaporative cooler may be an option for you. They are cheaper to install and run than air conditioning.

How Do Evaporative Coolers Work?

A cool feeling will be felt on your skin when you plunge into a cold water pool on a hot day. This is similar to evaporative cool systems. These create a light mist that circulates throughout the home, and it then cools. It is also more efficient in hot climates because it removes moisture from the air and uses a lot less energy.

A humidifier can make the cooling process even more efficient. It takes heat to evaporate water. The heat inside the house helps evaporate the mist from the pads. This makes the room feel cooler. Air is pushed over the pads by the heat, and this cools the air. It also brings warm air outside.

Evaporator coolers use water mist to allow for ventilation. They can be used to provide fresh air and a cool breeze on hot days.

How Much Does It Take To Buy An Evaporative Cooler?

Evaporative cooling, also known as swamp coolers is half the price of traditional air conditioning. The exact cost will depend on the size of the home as well as which model you choose. CFM stands for cubic feet of air delivered per minute to your house. This is typically between 3000-2500, and, depending on your climate it might need to deliver 20-40 air changes each hour.

How Does Installation Flow?

Two methods can be used to install evaporative chillers:

  • Air moves to the center. It is a good idea to direct cool air to one place if your home has a small layout.
  • Ductwork distributes heat to the rooms. Larger houses can have cool air delivered viaducts.

How To Use Evaporative Cooler ?

Evaporative coolers tend to be very simple to use. You can adjust their speed to suit your needs. Before you turn it on, make sure you open any vents or windows on the side facing you. This will allow you to experiment with the optimal opening. The humidity from too much open can lead to condensation and heat buildup. Ducts can be used to vent the heat through your windows if you don’t enjoy leaving them open.

If you plan to use your system during the warmer months as a fan, you should consider a ventless model. While it doesn’t humidify, the fan will still provide a pleasant breeze throughout your home. Add filters to your system if anyone in your family has allergies.

What Type Of Maintenance  You Should Do?

Evaporative coolers need very little maintenance, compared with air conditioning. It is worth having an annual service to ensure they are operating at their full potential. You should also:

  • Regularly drain the cooler and clean it according to your system instructions
  • Take out any sediment buildup
  • The summer heat can cause the pads to need to be replaced more often than usual, depending on how much it is used.
  • Make sure you service your system before summer.
  • Once per month, make sure to inspect filters and pads.
  • Clean cooler pads as directed by the manufacturer.