How To Obtain Medical Marijuana Card In The State Of Texas In 2022?

Are you thinking about applying for a medical marijuana card in the state of Texas? You are in the proper location at this time. We hope this post will serve as a helpful guide explaining the process of applying for medical marijuana card and obtaining a permit to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Continue reading if you want to know more.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

In the state of Texas, one has to be a legal resident to apply for a medical marijuana card. To apply for a medical marijuana Texas card on one’s behalf, a patient must be at least 18 years old. The application process for minors can be handled by a parent or other legal guardian.

Your information will be kept in the compassionate use registry (also known as “CURT”) after your physician has submitted this information, following your consent, even if there is no registration fee or program to sign up for. However, the charge is waived for the program.

What Does Having A Medical Marijuana Card In Texas Permit?

If you are a resident of Texas and have a Medical Marijuana Card, you are authorized by the Texas Compassionate Use Program (CURT) to possess the following items:

  • Any quantity of the oil that is strong in CBD and low in THC
  • For medicinal patients, a THC concentration of 1% or less is regarded to be low (the previous maximum was 0.5%); anything with a THC concentration higher than this is referred to as “marijuana” or “THC oil.”
  • THC-only products as well as goods with a balanced ratio of THC to CBD are now accessible for purchase by patients who qualify for medicinal marijuana in the state of Texas.
  • Even if the products contain less than 1% THC, smoking them is not permitted.

The use of marijuana for recreational purpose is illegal in Texas, which also has highly stringent rules regarding the drug. The maximum proportion of THC that can be contained in recreational marijuana is 0.3%.

How Should I Submit My Application?

In only 4 easy steps, you may obtain registration to use cannabis for medicinal purposes in the state of Texas.

  1. Register Online

You may consult a physician, determine if you are eligible for a Texas medical marijuana card, and complete the necessary payment information online. You won’t be charged until your request is accepted.

  1. Keep Your Appointment And Talk With Your Doctor About The Reasons You Want A Medical Marijuana Identification Card

Your medical history will be used to inform the questions that your doctor will ask you, and he or she will also provide you advice and direction on whether or not you should consider using medicinal marijuana.

  1. Physician Will Add You To CURT

Following your phone contact, the physician will finish up a few administrative duties to enroll you in the Compassionate Use Registry in Texas (also known as CURT).

  1. Buy Medicinal, CBD-Rich Marijuana

After our physician has submitted your information, those data will be approved by the state, and you will then be able to fill your prescription at the dispensary of your choice. Because there is no actual card in Texas, you won’t have to wait for anything to be shipped or emailed to you because you won’t need any of those things.